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God made nature and called it good.  I believe we can show Him our gratitude by observing, appreciating, and caring for His creation.  I also believe we should try hard to recognize the things he provides and blesses us with and use them wisely.  Lastly, I believe God wants us to have FUN!  The purpose of this blog is to help inspire others to observe and take care of what God has made and provided for us, and to have fun in the process!  100_6596

One of my favorite sayings is “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” and we try to live by that whenever possible.  We want to share with you how we are “making do.”  That could mean making things ourselves, repurposing, trying a new method, reviving an old practice, or other stuff you might find as interesting as we do.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t, but the goal is to keep trying, learning, and having fun!

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Cheri Hentschel

Flannel Acres owner, creator, admin, camera operator, editor…..you get the idea.