Book Review: Modern Homesteading (Wranglerstar)

I had the wonderful privilege of previewing the brand new book the Wranglerstar family had published, and I am excited to give you my review!

This is the story of the Wranglerstar family’s journey from living in the city to their current homestead — a very personal and relatable story of ups and downs, twists and turns, resourcefulness and perseverance.  As they share their experience, they explain that “modern homesteading is a process, not an event or place, different for each family.”  Unlike some books on homesteading, the Wranglerstars encourage us to do things in the way that works best for us instead of being bound by an all-or-nothing, purest attitude.  Their advice and instruction are realistic and practical, not lofty or unattainable.  They humbly share their successes and their mistakes for us to learn from.  The Wranglerstars’ story is also a great witness to their faith, which is woven throughout.  After reading this book, I felt genuinely encouraged and inspired to do my best as a homesteader, knowing that my journey is unique, yet just as important to our family as their story is to them.

This is an excellent book, well written and put together with beautiful color photos.  I’m sure you will enjoy it and treasure it for years to come (like I will).  Head on over to Master Books to get your copy today!  CLICK HERE

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