BIG, exciting week!!

It has been a few weeks since I’ve posted to my blog, so it’s time to update!  I have been doing videos for my YouTube channel, but there’s not always much type-able content to bring over here to post them blog style, too.  So, I’m lumping a few things together, but they’re all exciting, so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  🙂

First up:  My YouTube channel reached a milestone for subscribers!  The 500 subscriber mark has officially been passed!  This is pretty exciting to me since it’s taken a couple years to get to this point.  I am VERY thankful to each and every person who has visited my channel and clicked the subscribe button — a milestone like this can only be reached with your help.  Thank you!  To celebrate, I am doing a little giveaway!  If I could send out thank-you gifts to everyone, I would.  But I can’t, so I won’t.  Instead, take a look at this video to find out how you can be entered in the giveaway.  And don’t dawdle — you only have until September 15th!  (And if you haven’t already, click the red Subscribe button)  UPDATE:  The winner of the giveaway is Mnrusty1 — congratulations!!

Second big thing:  Eric at GardenFork (one of my all-time favorite YouTube channels) featured my YouTube channel in his September 5th video!  This was quite unexpected, but a very pleasant surprise.  🙂  Being recognized for the work you do is something I think everybody hopes for, so it was really nice to receive this affirmation from someone I look up to.  Thank you, GardenFork!!  Check out the video below, and while you’re at it, check out GardenFork’s channel.  They do some really cool stuff over there!

Third big thing:  Okay, I don’t know if this is really a big thing or not, but it’s at least unheard of.  I made a dance video.  Why, you ask?  I’m not entirely sure except that the idea came to me a few days ago and my imagination took it for a ride.  I normally don’t dance in front of people outside of my household, much less in front of a camera for the world to see, but hopefully you’ll find it funny.  Hey, if even one person gets a laugh out of it, I’ve done my job.  🙂

As we head into fall — the busiest season for our family — I am excited to continue making videos and posts to share with you.  I have some exciting things planned, so be sure to stay connected.  I am active on Facebook, so visit Flannel Acres on Facebook and click the “Like” button to stay updated on what I’m up to.  Have a great September!