New Fire Wife Needs Advice!

There’s big news in our family!  My husband is becoming a firefighter!  This is exciting for all of us, especially for my husband because he’s wanted to do this for many years.  He is getting lots of training and advice from the other firefighters on the department, and I’m sure I will get some advice from some of the other fire wives.  But I’d like to extend the request for advice to YOU as well!  If you or a family member is in fire service and has advice for me as a firefighter’s spouse, please leave me a comment or send an email.

There are some things I am aware of — like long training hours, long studying hours, random fire/medical calls at any time day or night….so it isn’t completely foreign, but I’d like to know if there are certain things I ought to be prepared for.  Safety is always an obvious concern in this line of work.  How do you and your spouse deal with the “what if’s” and stresses that come along?  My biggest fear is developing resentment, so I have been mentally and spiritually preparing for that and guarding my heart.  What have been your biggest fears, and are they different now than in the beginning?  Also, if you have any great stories to share about any of your experiences, I’m all ears.

This is a new chapter in my husband’s life, and I want to support him any way I can.  I am proud of him for taking this on, and I look forward to seeing him learn and grow in this field.  Of course, I’ve always been proud of him in his daytime line of work, too, but this is a completely different type of work and quite a change in routine.  We thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers during this time of adjustment!

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  1. Mom
    August 15, 2015 at 7:42 am

    The comments I have made to Andy and would apply to Bob are: When we were in our car accident, it was VERY lonely sitting in the car waiting for “help”, quite surreal, wondering how we really were physically. Just to have had someone (first responders perhaps) stay close to us, talk to us, reassuring us would have been so nice; even praying with us if that was asked for. I say all this knowing that first responders have responsibilities to attend to at a scene, but the human touch/attention is so important. In encouraging Bob, please bring this to his attention, he will have a very BIG impact on victims. You have compassion and can encourage him to express the compassion HE has as he is able.

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