Greens Gardening

Spring is well underway and I have been getting my hands dirty preparing our shade garden!  A couple years ago I learned that many, if not most, salad greens and similar plants grow well in the shade.  I have a nice shady spot along the front of our house where I decided to put in a “greens” garden last year.  Some things did well (parsley, chives, cilantro, sorrel, kale), and some things didn’t do so well (spinach, cabbage).

This spring, some of the plants have returned, either because they are perennial or because they overwintered.  The chives, sorrel, kale, and a little bit of parsley are already growing, but I have a few bare areas that need some planting.  I decided to plant some more parsley seeds to fill in the gaps there, but I also planted some lettuce in half of that box, just to see what it’d do.  So far, both are sprouting nicely!

I also planted some cilantro, purslane, and cone flower each in their own boxes.  In the large area, I planted carrot seeds.  Then to fill in around my kale, I planted some dill seeds.  It looks like all of them are sprouting — time will tell how well they do in this shady area.

I would love to find some more perennial greens or herbs to plant in my shade garden.  Please comment below, or send an email with your suggestions!  In the meantime, here are a few pictures of our sprouts:

Pic 1:  chives and sorrel clearly visible

Pic 2:  lettuce sprouts100_8492

Pic 3:  cilantro




Pic 4:  Dill sprouts


Pic 5:  Carrot sprouts100_8498