Month: November 2014

Insulated Cover/Feeder


November is the month that we like to get out to the hives and add some supplemental feeding for our bees.  They do have quite a bit of honey in there already, but we want to make sure that they…

Garden, Bees, Hens, & Thieves

fall leaves all colors

What a crazy-busy fall we have had around here!  Sports, marching band, sick kids, church stuff, and work — whew!  I managed to sneak in a fall update for you on a few other things.  For starters, our garden is…

Dried Green Beans (Leather Britches)


I was recently reading a historical fiction book where the term “leather breeches” was mentioned in reference to drying green beans.  What was that??  I had to do some research, but found out that before home canning was an option…