2014 Honey Harvest!

It’s that time of year — honey time!  Our bee hives have done well this year.  You may remember that we lost our bees over the winter and bought new, established hives in the spring.  I would definitely go that route again instead of buying a little box of bees.  Having the bees already established in their hives upon arrival gave them a jump start on the season.

When we got the hives, they were two “deep” boxes each.  Earlier this summer we added a medium super to each of them for the bees to store honey in.  We checked on them a couple times and didn’t see much honey up there until yesterday.  Hive ‘A’ only had two frames of honey ready, but Hive ‘B’ had 10 frames ready.

I ordered a honey extractor this year from Maxant (www.MaxantIndustries.com), which I am happy with.  The extractor is stainless steel and well-built (made in the USA).  I did contact the company a couple of times over the last year and can say they have great customer service.  Go check them out!

Okay, there isn’t much else I can say about the harvest experience other than what is in the video.  Just sit back and enjoy!