How to Freeze Eggs

Having too many eggs in your house isn’t a common problem unless you have a coop full of chickens.  Let’s face it, everybody gets tired of eating eggs every day despite the thousands of ways to prepare them.  But that’s only half the problem.  During the winter, our hens molt.  When they molt, they stop laying eggs.  So, for half the year we get too many eggs and the other half of the year we don’t get enough.

I’ve figured out a way to even this out a bit.  I freeze the extra eggs we get in the summer so that we have some for the winter when our hens are on their extra long “Christmas break.”  It’s an eggcelent balance.

Freezing eggs requires very little equipment and prep.  All I use is a blender and sandwich size zipper bags.  Here’s what you do:

Step #1   Crack 2 eggs into the blender.

Step #2  Blend using the pulse button.  DO THIS ONLY BRIEFLY!  You do not want to whip air into the eggs or you will end up with freezer burned eggs.  Yuck.  Only blend the eggs enough to mix the whites with the yolk, and stop.

Step #3   Pour the blended eggs into a zipper bag, removing as much air as possible while you seal it.

Step #4   Lay the baggie flat in your freezer so it will freeze flat.  Do a couple at a time, or however many you have room to lay flat in your freezer.  Once they’re frozen, you can store them vertically in a small plastic tub.


A few tips for the road:  I always store two eggs at a time in the baggies, mainly because that’s a common amount for many recipes.  If you have a recipe that calls for an odd number of eggs, just use half a bag for that.  Easy peasy.  To thaw the eggs, simply move/bend/squish the bag around under running lukewarm water.  I do not recommend thawing them in the microwave because the corners will likely cook.  One last tip, it’s probably a good idea to label your baggies before you fill them.  You never know when someone will open your freezer and wonder what all the baggies of frozen yellow stuff is.

Have a great week!  Eat lots of eggs!