Month: August 2014

Tomato Worms Vs. Black Light

Tomato worm pic 1

This is a re-do or second attempt of a previous post and video.  Last year we used an incandescent black light bulb to find tomato worms and it worked okay.  Someone told me that using a florescent bulb would work…

How to Freeze Eggs


Having too many eggs in your house isn’t a common problem unless you have a coop full of chickens.  Let’s face it, everybody gets tired of eating eggs every day despite the thousands of ways to prepare them.  But that’s…

Campfire Bacon Brownies


The campfire brownie experiment Part II — brown bag bacon brownies.  That’s a mouth full, in more ways than one!  I have seen videos of people cooking bacon and eggs in a brown paper bag over a campfire, and it…