Doggy Popsicles

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like a nice, cool treat to help beat the heat of the summer.  Dogs are no exception!  Our dog, Ember, loves to munch on plain ice cubes, and she likes any kind of meat, so I figured it would be really easy to make a special popsicle for her.

All you’ll need is some chicken or beef broth — homemade is always best — and an ice cube tray.  Simply pour the broth in the tray and freeze.  After the cubes are frozen, pop them out and put them into a zipper bag for easy storage in the freezer.  If you don’t like anything but water in your ice cube trays, pick up some extra trays from a local second hand shop and keep them on hand for the dog treats.

Please do not put popsicle sticks in your dog’s popsicles as they can get stuck in their throat or digestive system.  Also be careful where you allow your dog to eat the broth popsicles.  Most broths have a certain amount of fat in them, which can leave an awful stain on rugs, carpet, or furniture….or a slippery, greasy spot on your hard floor.  To avoid this, have them eat their treat in their crate/kennel or outdoors.  Our dog doesn’t care at all if dirt gets on her food, so we just give her the treat outside where she can enjoy it in the shady grass.

Want to change it up a bit?  You cold also add bits of meat or veggies in the popsicles.  If you have a large dog that would enjoy being occupied by a larger treat for a while, use a jello mold or larger dish to freeze a block of broth.

How do you help your pets beat the summer heat?  I’d love to hear about your clever ideas!  Please leave a comment below!

Happy Summer!