Felt Board Garden Plannner

If you went to Sunday School in the 1980’s or earlier, you may remember your teacher using a felt story board to tell Bible stories.  What’s this got to do with garden planning?  I want to use the same type of felt board to design my garden layout.  It seems like it will be a fun and easy way to plan how my plants and rows will fit in my garden space, and I can reuse it every year.

What you’ll need:

Board or cardboard — whatever size you want to use.

Spray adhesive — Only costs a few dollars and will last for many projects.

Felt — I was able to get some scraps from friends, but you may be able to find some at rummage sales.

Cut the felt to the size you want for your board.  You can cut it a little larger so the edges can wrap around to the back, but this is optional.

****SPRAY ADHESIVE WILL GET THE SURROUNDING AREA STICKY!!  Make sure to cover things you don’t want a sticky coating on, or do this project outdoors on a nice day.  I covered my work space with garbage bags so I could just throw them away when I was done.

Spray one or two light coats of adhesive on your board and then quickly place your felt on the board.  This step will work better with two people, but I managed okay by myself.  Work on pressing the felt onto the board, smoothing out wrinkles and adjusting the corners and edges as needed.

With a contrasting color of felt, cut strips or other shapes to represent plants you will put in your garden.  Label them with marker or by gluing plant pictures on them.  All done!  Now you can plan your vegetable garden, flower garden, fruit orchard, or even your yard landscaping with the felt board!

What do you use to plan your garden?  Share your ideas and inspire others!  Comment below or send us an email!