Rose Hips

Can you name any “super foods” that have been in the headlines lately?  So far, I haven’t seen rose hips make the list, but I think they ought to.  They have 20 times the Vitamin C in them as oranges do, and they are also a good source of Vitamins A and E.  That’s a lot for such a small morsel!

Rose hips are the seed pod from roses and can be found on both wild and domestic rose bushes.  The hips are round and are usually red or orange in color.  They can vary in size depending on the type of rose — wild ones are usually smaller than domestic.  To harvest them, simply pick them (being cautious of thorns!), cut them open and remove the seeds, then use for whatever recipe you want to try.  Rose hips are commonly used in tea, and can be used fresh or dried for that purpose.  They can also be used in a variety of other recipes for sauces, jellies, etc.

As always, be sure you are correctly identifying any plant you intend to touch and/or eat.  Below you will find a picture of a wild rose in bloom as well as pictures of domestic and wild rose hips.  Word of caution:  only pick rose hips from plants that have NOT been treated with pesticides or other chemicals.  If in doubt, leave them be.

If you have a favorite recipe idea for using rose hips, please share in the comments below!  Happy foraging!

Wild Rose

Rose hips labeled