Cat’s Ear — Edible Weed

That’s right, I’m eating weeds again.  This one isn’t quite as surprising, though, since it is so similar to dandelion and most people know that dandelions are edible.  Cat’s Ear is a yellow flower that looks very similar to dandelion except that its flower stems are very long and green, and the leaves at the base of the plant are fuzzy or hairy.  I picked the flower buds to eat, and I got a whole basket full because these flowers grow abundantly in our yard.  The stems ooze a white juice (like dandelions and milkweed) when picked, and it will make a brown stain on your skin and clothing, so be mindful of that.

To cook the flower buds, I simply sautéed them in a pan with some bell pepper and onions, salt, pepper, and some garlic.  I didn’t write down the actual cooking time, but it was probably 5-10 minutes, or until the stems are bendy.  The flavor was good and tasted like most other green leafy vegetables.  I was afraid they would be too bitter for my liking, but I didn’t taste much bitterness until I had eaten a few bites of it.  I consider myself sensitive to bitter (don’t like coffee or grapefruit), so for those of you who don’t notice bitterness (or maybe enjoy it), you will probably enjoy Cat’s Ear very much.

As always, PLEASE be sure you positively identify wild edibles before you eat them.  Many edible plants have poisonous look-alikes.