Month: July 2013

Cat’s Ear — Edible Weed


That’s right, I’m eating weeds again.  This one isn’t quite as surprising, though, since it is so similar to dandelion and most people know that dandelions are edible.  Cat’s Ear is a yellow flower that looks very similar to dandelion…

Battle of the Weeds


When weeds can’t be eaten, they need to be controlled.  Whether your gardens are full of flowers or vegetables, weeds are something we all deal with every year if we don’t want our gardens overrun by them.  My vegetable garden is…

Hive Has Capped Honey!

Capped Honey

Time for another peek in the hives!  I was excited to see that one of my hives is storing honey in the upper section of the hive, and that they were very busy in the brood box as well.  One…