Edible Weed — Wood Sorrel

I have found another “wild edible” in our yard!  Wood sorrel is a plant I am very familiar with, at least by site, but only recently learned its name and that it’s edible.  Wood sorrel, when eaten fresh, tastes very much like lemon and would be a great addition to a salad or as a garnish for grilled fish.  Wood sorrel can also be made into tea, as you can see in the video.  Nutritionally, wood sorrel is good for you (as most greens are) and doesn’t have any bitter taste to it.

Many people see wood sorrel and mistake it for clover because of the three-lobed leaf.  However, wood sorrel has delicate yellow flowers, and clover has a spiky-looking flower that is either purple (red clover) or white (white clover).  The leaves of the clover also have a V-shaped stripe on each lobe.  As always, make sure you know *for sure* what you are picking before eating it.  Get some good foraging guides and do your homework.

Get out in your yard and discover things you didn’t know were there!