Egg Holder

I recently learned that eggs from my hens can be kept out of the fridge, at room temperature, for quite some time compared to eggs bought at the grocery store.  If coated in oil, they can stay good for a couple of months.  (UPDATE:  Do not use vegetable oil as it will get gummy/sticky inside the egg holder and eggs won’t slide through it….they’ll break….big mess.  Use mineral oil instead.)  So far, I’ve only had the eggs in out-of-fridge storage for no more than a couple weeks, and they have not spoiled.  Anyway, one of the problems with keeping eggs is keeping them in order so you use the oldest ones first.  I came up with this crocheted holder that the eggs go in through the top and are ‘dispensed’ out the bottom.  I currently have three of these in my kitchen and I rotate them as I empty and fill them.  The pattern for making one of these egg holders is posted below the video.

To test if an egg is still good, put it in a cup of water.  If the egg floats, it has spoiled.  If it stands on end, it’s getting close to “over-the-hill” and should be used very soon.  This is when I like to hard boil them.  If the egg lays on its side in the water, it’s still fresh.  I’ve had my oil-coated, 2-week old eggs still lay down in the water.  Still fresh!

Crochet Egg Holder Pattern

Supplies needed:  Worsted weight yarn (maybe 3oz. or 50 grams), a 3 inch metal ring (found at craft stores), Size 9 or I hook (U.S.), size 5 (U.K.), or 5.5mm (metric)

1.  Chain 15, join to first stitch (forming a chain loop)

2.  Single crochet in the round for about 65 rows.

3.  In the final row, *single crochet next stich, chain 2, reach hook over metal ring and into next stitch.*  Repeat steps between **

4.  Connect last stitch with a slip stitch, tie off, weave in ends.

Hang the egg holder from a hook on a cupboard or cabinet.  The egg holder will hold about a dozen eggs.