Queen Bee Crisis? — Hive Inspection

I checked my bee hives this weekend and became quite concerned.  I couldn’t find the queens and had a hard time finding brood.  I am still VERY new to beekeeping, so I don’t have confidence in what I think I’m seeing inside the hives.  Combine that with trying to see these tiny creatures through a veil and it’s no surprise I started to worry.  After closing up the hives, I went inside and did some more reading and looking at pictures.  The next morning I went back out for a quick peak in the weaker hive, and I brought my camera.  I took pictures and was able to look at them on the computer and zoom in to see things in great detail.  Is the queen in there?  Did I find brood after all?  Or do I need to order a new queen, pronto….?  I think I know the answer.