The bees are in! (video)

This is a quick video of my new bees that arrived April 24th.  It was a very chilly day when I picked up my bees, and I was nervous about installing them when the weather was still this cool.  And then there are the nerves that go with installing your very first boxes of bees.  There are different methods to installing bees, and if you do a search on YouTube for it you will find plenty.  I went with the method that my bee mentor told me and remember the simple words he said as I was leaving his house with my new bees, “You’ll do fine.”  I’m glad someone has confidence in me, because honestly, I’m really afraid of failing at this.  At the same time, I am fascinated by the bees and look forward to this summer as I watch them.

I’m excited to start beekeeping, and I’ll try to update on a somewhat regular basis.  Here we go!