Seedling Pots from Newspaper (video)

Take a look at this simple, low-cost method for making your own seedling pots.  I made and used them for the first time this year, and they held up great!  No glue or tape is needed, and the paper is still soft enough for roots to penetrate so you don’t have to remove the paper when it’s time to transplant.  I will definitely be making these from now on.

All you will need for this is newspaper, cut into strips, and something to roll the strips on.  I used a spray oil can, but you could use anything that will make the pots the size you want.  After the paper is rolled, tuck under the bottom edge and press tightly so the pot will hold its shape.  Slide the pot off the can and there you go — a cheap, effective, biodegradable seedling pot.  I made a few dozen of these this year and didn’t have any trouble with them falling apart.  I arranged them close enough together in trays (flats) so that they didn’t move or tip over.  Once they are full of damp soil, they will stay put just fine.

It’s also a good idea to reuse plastic pots you get from the greenhouse.  I have a large stack of 3-4″ pots that I like to plant melons in because their seedling leaves are large and the larger pot gives them more space to grow before transplanting outdoors.

If you have a great idea for seedling pots, share your knowledge!  Leave a comment below!


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