Hive Inspection May 15th (video)

I inspected the bee hives today and already discovered a rookie mistake.  I left too large of a space between the frames, so my bees built extra comb in between there to fill the gap.  This extra comb is called burr comb, and there are a couple pictures in the video along with some clips of the bees’ waggle dance and a sneak peek at the queen.

During this inspection, I removed the syrup feeders because there are plenty of plants and trees in bloom for the bees to find nectar.  I’m also trying REALLY HARD to be careful when handling the hives so I don’t squash my bees, but it just happens.  I did figure out that when I’m putting the queen excluder back on, I don’t squish the bees if I wiggle it back into place.  Hopefully less and less bees will die during my inspections as I learn how to do this GENTLY!